All in one

Multibenefit spray mask

Multifunctional treatment for hair without rinsing which combines the consistency and the properties of a mask with the convenience and speed of a spray.

10 benefits
  1. 1. Repairs damaged hair
  2. 2. Controls frizz
  3. 3. Heat protection
  4. 4. Easier ironing
  5. 5. Offers shine
  6. 6. Hair color protection
  7. 7. Facilitates detangling
  8. 8. Prevents split ends
  9. 9. Easier hairstyle
  10. 10. Quick to use

To treat dry, damaged or dull hair apply to clean, towel dried hair. Apply on dry hair to revive your hair style, adding body, volume and shine.

Spray while measuring the amount according to the porosity and length of the hair, distributing along the entire length and ends. Do not rinse and then finish, brush or straighten.

  • Goji berries - anti-oxidant, protecting against UV rays
  • Carob - anti-ageing, nourishing and soothing
  • Cherry - anti-ageing, nourishing, energising
  • Walnut - detoxifying, nourishing, protects color
  • Crambe Maritima (sea kale) - marine plant that protects hair from heat source. Protects and preserves hair color for longer and adds shine
  • Wasabia Japonica - its antioxidant power makes it ideal on dyed hair to preserve and protect the color
Formula senza SLS, SLES e parabeni


  • 150 ml

Goji Berries

Cherry wood

Carob wood

Walnut wood

Crambe Maritima

Wasabia Japonica

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